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RGB Shades with ChronoDot

The RGB Shades have several available I/O pins for adding external sensors and other electronics. In this simple example, we've attached a ChronoDot RTC module to the RGB Shades, allowing the RGB Shades to display the current time and date as a scrolling text message.


The ChronoDot is an I2C device. On Arduino-compatible boards (such as the RGB Shades) the I2C interface is accessed using the Wire library, and uses pins A4 and A5.

ChronoDot RGB Shades
VCC connects to 5V
GND connects to GND
SDA connects to A4
SCL connects to A5


The Time library is a great way to implement timekeeping functions. It has a built-in method to sync with the ChronoDot. Here's example code showing how to use the Time library on the RGB Shades:

Demonstration Video

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