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 +====== RGB Shades with ChronoDot ======
 +The RGB Shades have several available I/O pins for adding external sensors and other electronics. In this simple example, we've attached a ChronoDot RTC module to the RGB Shades, allowing the RGB Shades to display the current time and date as a scrolling text message.
 +===== Wiring =====
 +The ChronoDot is an I2C device. On Arduino-compatible boards (such as the RGB Shades) the I2C interface is accessed using the Wire library, and uses pins **A4** and **A5**.
 +^  ChronoDot ^ ^ RGB Shades ^
 +|  VCC |  connects to  | 5V  |
 +|  GND |  connects to  | GND  |
 +|  SDA |  connects to  | A4  |
 +|  SCL |  connects to  | A5  |
 +==== Code ====
 +The Time library is a great way to implement timekeeping functions. It has a built-in method to sync with the ChronoDot. Here's example code showing how to use the Time library on the RGB Shades:
 +{{url> 100%,510 noborder}}
 +=== Demonstration Video ===
 {{youtube>qCQTyME2Cpk?560x315}} {{youtube>qCQTyME2Cpk?560x315}}
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